This repository holds unofficial updates to Debian's x32 port. As opposed to what you can find at, it is not hindered by jessie's freeze, reluctant/busy maintainers or undertested nature of some of the patches.

At present, it is targetted at jessie rather than unstable, in hope of an unofficial stable release. My intent is, if goals I consider to be key are met, to provide such a stable release with security support via automated (and manual where needed) builds of packages from whenever they appear.

This effort is currently done by Adam Borowski (basing on work by Daniel Schepler, Thorsten Glaser and many upstreams). This project is no way endorsed by Debian. Consider it an unofficial test bed for work that, while meant to land in Debian in its entirety, is not an officially recognized part. Hopefully, yet.

Update: the contents of this site is stale, with no updates since jessie. Current work is done in Debian proper, in unstable.


Any amd64-capable machine can run x32.


What works: servery stuff, XFCE, MATE, LXDE.

What doesn't: Gnome3, Iceweasel (WIP in #775321), Chromium (needs llvm), libreoffice (some java JNI issue). KDE works but is buggy.
Sound (ALSA ioctls work only from a 64-bit process. Workaround: multiarch PulseAudio/jack?).


You need the host to run a proper kernel. This can be either: You can then
debootstrap --arch=x32 --no-check-gpg jessie /my/chroot


Grab a mini-iso image: text, graphical.
Current problems: Tested: Untested:


Past (jessie-era) queries

These are not updated and thus mostly historic -- FIXME.